Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Clarifeyes™ is a unique energetic technique that works with specific eye movements to help you step into your power and reconnect with your true-self. Clarifeyes™ clears out old belief systems and energetic blocks so you can have more money, abundance, health, confidence, and anything else you would like in your life!

Clarifeyes™ can enhance your professional life by helping you:

  • Surpass your current income ceiling
  • Attract new opportunities and avenues of income
  • Gain clarity around your career goals
  • Increase confidence and reduce nervousness during job interviews
  • Feel comfortable giving presentations to large groups
  • Make important work decisions with clarity
  • And more!

Our clients have also had wonderful results with Clarifeyes™ for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Relationships
  • Taking Tests
  • Health
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Reduction of Stress

Usually one session is all it takes to clear out the blocks, but occasionally it might take additional sessions depending on the person and the blocks.   

Sessions are $250 and can be done in person in Orange County or remotely through Skype. Sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour. 

Clarifeyes™ Testimonials:

“As a healing practitioner and a client, I have used and tried many different modalities. However the biggest and fastest results that I have had to date are with Clarifeyes™. I had a Skype session with Suzanne and by the next day I was able to overcome major procrastination and inertia to do a major house clearing and de-cluttering that changed the energy in my home drastically! Our second session was on a Saturday, focused on bringing in money. By Sunday, I learned that we are receiving $10,000. We have since used Clarifeyes™ to instantly release me from severe anxiety and fear. I am so grateful to Suzanne and her gift of healing; she has changed my life for the better.”
- TX

“For as long as I can remember… I have always been afraid of walking downhill. After one session I had a chance to really try it out to see if it worked. I was in Hawaii and we were going to a special sacred site that had this steep path that was really muddy. Well as I was coming back down I was smiling at how easy it was and I wasn’t even wearing the right shoes. It is amazing how quickly the fear was taken away and how permanent it was.”
- Gabriela G., CA

“I had a session with Suzanne over Skype to address some old unhealthy eating patterns and found immediate results! The next day I felt a big reduction in my sugar cravings and a much smaller appetite, feeling satisfied with small portions. I am so grateful to have this very old behavior modified! Thank you, Suzanne!”
- D.H., NY

After receiving Clarifeyes™ from Suzanne my whole world expanded. Gradually my life snowballed into the life I've always wanted. Before Suzanne did my reading I was an intern at a recording studio. I had recently graduated college and landed my first gig. I was lowest man on the totem pole and diffidently felt like it. I would work 30-40 hours a week and be lucky to get paid anything at all. I decided to leave that situation and felt pretty lost and wasn't sure where to turn next. My mom suggested I have a session with Suzanne. The reading, Clarifeyes™, and guidance I received from her was like nothing I've ever experienced. It gave me confidence, clarity, and the motivation to move forward with my career. Within 5 months and another recording studio later I by chance came in to my dream job. I'm now the executive assistant to the CEO of a multi-million dollar marketing firm. The icing on the cake was when my boss asked me to run his record label and recording studio. I get to have a dependable well-paying job while still enjoying my passion of recording music. A lot of people can't quite figure out how I made such a huge difference in my life, I know Suzanne and the Clarifeyes™ work she does made the impact that started it all.”
- Emi Miller, Executive Assistant / Opus620 Marketing Vice President / Moxi Records

"I have been enjoying Suzanne's work for many years.  I have had several sessions and every time the very issue that needed to be healed was with ease.  
Recently, I brought my son to Suzanne for a session.  He has been dealing with severe Crohn's disease for six years and his last attack put him in the hospital for nearly a week. I brought him to Suzanne a few days after his hospital release.  After his session his pain and inflammation subsided and his appetite came back.  His will to be healthy has returned as well.  He is taking control of his disease instead of the disease controlling him. This is a new attitude I have not seen yet. 
When the session was going on I waited in the next room and I have had major shifts since that day.  I don't know if the strength of the energy was brought forth from the session or the unblocking of a loved one’s chi having an effect on the whole - or both.  I just know it has made a profound and loving change for both me and my son. 
One more thing - when my son was hospitalized he was diagnosed with appendicitis but it could not be removed at the time without also removing part of his intestines or colon because of the severe inflammation of everything.  He saw his surgeon this week and his appendix is fine now.” 
- Katie H.

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